STEM/Maker Museum

We will organize and run a half-day STEM/Maker Museum in your school full of engaging, hands on science, technology, engineering and math activities and games for students K - 6th.

Curriculum Enrichment

We collaborate with a school's staff to design and implement a STEM/Maker curriculum, tied to the Next Generation Science Standards, that supports and enhances any school's science/engineering program.



Professional Development 

We provide faculty team-building workshops designed to expose teachers to the Maker Movement and the integrated nature of learning in the STEM disciplines.


After School Clubs

Our clubs engage children in creative and critical thinking processes. Many projects emphasize the engineering design process (imagine, design, build, test, improve) through engaging, hands on Maker projects and activities  that children crave and deserve.

Homeschool Enrichment

Let us custom design a STEM/Maker program for your children to enhance and enrich their overall academic experience.


Weekend Workshops

We bring the Maker Movement to a wider audience of children in public libraries and community centers. Contact us to start a program at a public space in your neighborhood.


At Kid Archimedes, we teach students how to work with tools they may never have seen, touched or used before as well as how to connect their imaginations with common, found materials to make some uncommonly creative projects.


Our programs consist mainly of analog classes and activities designed to rebalance the digital overload children frequently experience with their computers, tablets, smartphones and video games. 


Most of our classes and activities engage students in the engineering design process: imagine, design, build, test, improve, re-build, re-test. . . 


For example, in our rocket-building classes, students design, build and launch several prototypes in order to discover which of the many variables  (e.g., body length, fin size, weight distribution, etc.) most influence a rocket's flight.


Our students develop intellectual, emotional, social and ethical skills that are essential to success in the 21st Century: Collaboration, Perseverance, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Compassion.